In a parallel universe next to ours in a time millions of years before, the oceans were overrun and polluted by infectious germs the size of our present day dolphins. Life was crippled during their rule, until the arrival of their only predator: the Soapodon. This massive creature was nearly identical to our Megalodon, a prehistoric shark known for its massive teeth, but its razor-sharp mouth was forged from a different substance than its alternate form: soap. The peculiar evolution gave the Soapodon a distinct advantage over the rampant hordes of germophins, enabling them to chomp through the filth until the oceans became pure enough for other forms of life to flourish.

One unfortunate Soapodon lost a tooth in the final battle with the ferocious queen of the germophins. As the tooth fell, it became wrapped in a current that pulled it down into the unseen depths of the ocean floor, wherein it fell into a rift between our universes.

For the toughest messes on the most rambunctious people, this inter-dimensional artifact has tremendous power. It has been used to forge replicas made from vegetable glycerin soap that has been infused with the Soapodon’s strength. The teeth can be combined with water to fight off the miniature versions of the germophins that exist in our world. When no other soap can handle the task, use the prehistoric power of the Megalodon Shark Fossil Soap.

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