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What Did The Megalodon Shark Eat?

Whatever it wanted...

As the joke would go, it was a 60 foot shark, it could eat whatever it wanted. But, what does the fossil record show that the Megalodon really ate? Fossil evidence shows that the Megalodon primarily fed on large marine mammals including whales, dolphins, sea lions, dugongs (sea cows), as well as sea turtles and large fish. Younger Megalodon sharks probably concentrated on smaller prey, while a 60 foot adult...


Is The Megalodon Still Alive?

s the megalodon still alive
Count the Megalodon still be lurking in the deep ocean? Science says, No

If Megalodon sharks were still alive today, they would be a breathtaking sight. They were the largest sharks ever — up to three times longer and thirty times heavier than today’s great white sharks. Or as a shark scientist quoted by National Geographic put it, “A great white is about the size of the clasper, or penis, of a male Megalodon.” Their teeth averaged 3 to 5 inches — and were sometimes more than 7 inches long....