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Enter to Win a Real 5 Inch, NC Megalodon Tooth

5 Inch North Carolina Megalodon Tooth Giveway More about this tooth: This authentic fossil tooth was collected by a commercial diver off the North Carolina coast after it eroded out of the Hawthorn Formation.  At 5.01″ long it would have come from an adult, prehistoric, mega-shark, probably in the 40-45 foot size range.  The tooth was supplied by our partner  Check them out for many real, fossil Megalodon teeth...


Megalodon Tooth Compared To Great White Tooth

megalodon and great white tooth size
6 5/8″ fossil Megalodon tooth, a 3 1/8″ fossil Great White and a 1 1/2 inch modern day Great White. Photo Credit: Brandon Zulli of

The largest Megalodon teeth could reach sizes in excess of 7 inches.  Compare this to the largest modern day Great White Shark teeth which are under 3 inches.  Check out the photo below comparing a large fossil Megalodon tooth, a fossil Great White Shark tooth (they grew bigger during the Miocene) and a modern day Great White tooth.  Pretty impressive… Most recent analysis puts the Megalodon’s maximum size at around...


What is the largest Megalodon tooth ever found?

largest megalodon tooth record
Largest verifiable Megalodon tooth at 7.48" long. Photo credit Craig Sundell

Fossil Megalodon teeth are relatively common in some areas of the world, such as the coastal regions of the SE United State. Most adult Megalodon teeth fall into the 4-5 inch size range. As teeth approach 6 inches they become rare, representing far less than 1% of teeth. These 6 inch teeth obviously represented extremely large individual sharks. Very few Megalodon teeth have ever been found exceeding 7 inches. Many...


Video: Diver Finds 6 1/4 Fossil Megalodon Tooth

A video recording the exciting moment when a diver looking for Megalodon teeth, finds a massive, 6 1/4″, fossil tooth off the coast of the Carolinas.  While large, fossil Megalodon teeth are relatively common in this area, 6 1/4″ is an absolute MONSTER tooth, and finding one complete certainly is rare.   A tooth of this size would have come from an exceptionally large adult shark, probably in excess of...


Video: Finding a Giant Megalodon Tooth In California

A video segment from the Discovery Channel on resurrecting the Megalodon Shark.  Starting about 1:06 in there is a nice section showing a large Megalodon tooth being unearthed from a quarry in Bakersfield, California.  Meg teeth are pretty rare finds in Bakersfield compared to other localities so finding one there, especially a one of the quality in the video is a special find.