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Fossil Megalodon Teeth Washing Up On NC Beaches After Storms

A fossil Megalodon tooth that recently wash up on a North Carolina beach. (Channel 6 News, NC) is reporting that several beach-goers are reporting finding abundant fossil shark teeth, including Megalodon teeth after recent coastal storms and higher than normal tides.  These teeth started being found at the beginning of October from Surf City to North Topsail beach. While the teeth of several different types of prehistoric sharks are being found, the biggest prizes are the large, fossil Megalodon teeth.  These teeth...


Photos: Some Sweet Fossil Megalodon Teeth

  • georgia-megalodon-tooth1
    5.65" Megalodon tooth from Georgia
  • brown-georgia-megalodon
    5 Inch Georgia Megalodon Tooth
  • sc-megalodon-tooth
    Colorful 5.78" South Carolina Megalodon Tooth
  • 4066-12
    4+ Inch Venice Florida Megalodon Tooth
  • -2 (19)
    5.21" Megalodon tooth from May River, Georgia
  • 6-in-megalodon
    Huge 6.21" Megalodon Tooth
  • bakersfield-meg-tooth
    Rare 4.83" Bakersfield, CA Megalodon Tooth
  • 6-Inch-Megalodon-Tooth
  • -19 (1)
  • white-bone-valley-meg
    Highly serrated white Megalodon tooth from Bone Valley, Florida
  • bone-valley-megalodon2
    Colorful Bone Valley, Florida Megalodon Tooth
  • venice-meg1
    3.66" Megalodon tooth from Venice, Florida
  • Nearly flawless juvenile Megalodon from Calvert Cliffs, Maryland
  • summerville-meg-tooth
    5.95" Summerville, South Carolina Megalodon Tooth

Fossil Megalodon teeth in general are not rare in some locations, but extremely well preserved and large examples are rare and can be quite valuable.  Below is some nice Megalodon tooth porn.  You can see how unique some of the colorations are thanks to different minerals leaching into them during or after the fossilization process, as well as natural things that happened after fossilization. Photos courtesy of which has a...


Megalodon Shark Nursery Found in Panama

Juvenile and adult Megalodon tooth
University of Florida vertebrate paleontology graduate student Dana Ehret holds a juvenile and adult Megalodon tooth up for comparison.

Researchers from the University of Florida have announced the discovery of a 10 million year old Megalodon nursery area located in Panama.  In a paper published in the research journal PLoS ONE they present the analysis of over 400 fossil Megalodon teeth collected from the shallow, marine Gatun Formation.  These fossil Megalodon teeth in this collection are all surprisingly small, representing very young juveniles of the species. Analysis of the Megalodon teeth determined the...