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Megalodon Myth: Recent Megalodon Teeth Have Been Found in New Caledonia

In our latest post in a series covering Megalodon myths and false “facts” we will cover the claim that recent Megalodon teeth have been recovered in New Caledonia.  The claim of Megalodon teeth dating between 11,000 and 24,000 years old being dredged up around this island is frequent fodder for conspiracy theory websites and has been repeatedly mentioned in the comments on our Facebook page.  It even got air play from...


Could The Megalodon Be Alive In The Deep Ocean?

Megalodon from the deep.

Many book and movie plots have suggested that the giant Megalodon shark could still be alive in the deep oceans (such as the Marianas Trench). The argument goes that most of the deep ocean lies unexplored, so who knows what could be down there, maybe there is a Megalodon. But, how much scientific reality is there to this argument. One claim is made that we had never caught or filmed...


Megalodon Myth: The Megalodon And Great White Shark Are Closely Related

Carcharodon hubbelli
Well preserved fossil of Carcharodon hubbelli which is thought to represent a transitional species between the Broad-Toothed Mako and Great White Shark.

The Great White Shark being a descendant of or closely related to the Megalodon might be the most commonly repeated misconception about the prehistoric shark. Even more so than that the Megalodon may still be alive (thanks Discover Channel). While it was once believed to be true many decades ago, this view is currently not held among scientists based on the fossil evidence. When the Megalodon was first scientifically described back in...