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Megalodon Tooth Compared To Great White Tooth

megalodon and great white tooth size
6 5/8″ fossil Megalodon tooth, a 3 1/8″ fossil Great White and a 1 1/2 inch modern day Great White. Photo Credit: Brandon Zulli of

The largest Megalodon teeth could reach sizes in excess of 7 inches.  Compare this to the largest modern day Great White Shark teeth which are under 3 inches.  Check out the photo below comparing a large fossil Megalodon tooth, a fossil Great White Shark tooth (they grew bigger during the Miocene) and a modern day Great White tooth.  Pretty impressive… Most recent analysis puts the Megalodon’s maximum size at around...


Megalodon Myth: The Megalodon And Great White Shark Are Closely Related

Carcharodon hubbelli
Well preserved fossil of Carcharodon hubbelli which is thought to represent a transitional species between the Broad-Toothed Mako and Great White Shark.

The Great White Shark being a descendant of or closely related to the Megalodon might be the most commonly repeated misconception about the prehistoric shark. Even more so than that the Megalodon may still be alive (thanks Discover Channel). While it was once believed to be true many decades ago, this view is currently not held among scientists based on the fossil evidence. When the Megalodon was first scientifically described back in...