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Video: Diver Finds 6 1/4 Fossil Megalodon Tooth

A video recording the exciting moment when a diver looking for Megalodon teeth, finds a massive, 6 1/4″, fossil tooth off the coast of the Carolinas.  While large, fossil Megalodon teeth are relatively common in this area, 6 1/4″ is an absolute MONSTER tooth, and finding one complete certainly is rare.   A tooth of this size would have come from an exceptionally large adult shark, probably in excess of...


Could The Megalodon Be Alive In The Deep Ocean?

Megalodon from the deep.

Many book and movie plots have suggested that the giant Megalodon shark could still be alive in the deep oceans (such as the Marianas Trench). The argument goes that most of the deep ocean lies unexplored, so who knows what could be down there, maybe there is a Megalodon. But, how much scientific reality is there to this argument. One claim is made that we had never caught or filmed...


Life-Sized Chocolate Megalodon Teeth

chocolate megalodon teeth
Life-sized chocolate Megalodon teeth by

Why bother with a single candy bar when you can enjoy the nearly endless enjoyment from a massive chocolate Megalodon shark tooth? Imagine this fierce predator roaming the open ocean as it did for hundreds of years. It’s bite is nothing to joke about – with teeth as big as 7 inches in length! This incredible shark stalked prey at a size of 60 feet long, dominating the waters it...


Is The Megalodon Still Alive?

s the megalodon still alive
Count the Megalodon still be lurking in the deep ocean? Science says, No

If Megalodon sharks were still alive today, they would be a breathtaking sight. They were the largest sharks ever — up to three times longer and thirty times heavier than today’s great white sharks. Or as a shark scientist quoted by National Geographic put it, “A great white is about the size of the clasper, or penis, of a male Megalodon.” Their teeth averaged 3 to 5 inches — and were sometimes more than 7 inches long....


Just how big was the Megalodon Shark

Megalodon size compared with a Whale Shark, modern Great White Shark and human.

The Megalodon was the largest known predator in the history of the Earth, at least based on its weight. The sperm whale is a little bit longer, but also lighter.  Over the years the size estimations of the Megalodon shark have changed, as the science surrounding it’s evolution has progressed.  One of the issues in estimating it’s true size is that the skeletons of sharks are made out of cartilage...


Megalodon Myth: The Megalodon And Great White Shark Are Closely Related

Carcharodon hubbelli
Well preserved fossil of Carcharodon hubbelli which is thought to represent a transitional species between the Broad-Toothed Mako and Great White Shark.

The Great White Shark being a descendant of or closely related to the Megalodon might be the most commonly repeated misconception about the prehistoric shark. Even more so than that the Megalodon may still be alive (thanks Discover Channel). While it was once believed to be true many decades ago, this view is currently not held among scientists based on the fossil evidence. When the Megalodon was first scientifically described back in...


Warner Brothers Taps Eli Roth As Director For Megalodon Film

Warner Brothers has announced that they had tapped horror master Eli Roth to direct Meg, a film that has languished between studios and some big-name directors over the last 20 years. Disney bailed on financing the film when its own Deep Blue Sea sank at the box office, and at different points over the last two decades, Jan de Bont and Guillermo del Toro were said to have been interested...


Megalodon Tooth Stuck in Whale Vertebrae. Is It Real?

The following photo has been making the rounds on the Internet, purportedly showing a fossil Megalodon tooth still embedded in a whale vertebra. Sure, it’s pretty “badass” as the caption claims, but is it real? Megalodon teeth are relatively common fossils in some areas of the world. This extinct, mega shark, had a huge mouthful of teeth, and like modern-day sharks it lost it’s teeth frequently due to feeding damage....


No, That Is Not A Megalodon (Basking Shark Edition)

No, that is not a Megalodon.
No, that is not a Megalodon.

This image has started circulating the the Internet again as purported “proof” the Megalodon shark is still alive. No, that is not a shark that’s been extinct for 2.6 million years circling a helpless swimmer as it they were a bite-sized hors d’oeuvre. It’s a basking shark, the second largest living shark behind the whale shark. Like the whale shark it is a filter feeder and completely harmless to humans,...


Megalodon Shark Nursery Found in Panama

Juvenile and adult Megalodon tooth
University of Florida vertebrate paleontology graduate student Dana Ehret holds a juvenile and adult Megalodon tooth up for comparison.

Researchers from the University of Florida have announced the discovery of a 10 million year old Megalodon nursery area located in Panama.  In a paper published in the research journal PLoS ONE they present the analysis of over 400 fossil Megalodon teeth collected from the shallow, marine Gatun Formation.  These fossil Megalodon teeth in this collection are all surprisingly small, representing very young juveniles of the species. Analysis of the Megalodon teeth determined the...