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Killer Megalodon Infographic Posters

Megalodon Shark Infographic Poster

Check out these awe inspiring and scientifically accurate Megalodon infographic posters now available for sale at  They are running a pre-order sale on them.  They are 24×36 inches and printed on high quality, HP Photo Paper.  Prices are $25 for the glossy version and $19 for the matte version. Check Them Out


Now You Can Be A Badass Predator – Fossil Megalodon Tooth Necklaces

You too can wear a real fossil tooth of the most badass predator in Earth's history.

What is more badass than wearing a real fossil tooth of the Megalodon, the most terrifying predator ever to inhabit Earth’s oceans around your neck? A full-grown, adult Megalodon shark could reach incredible sizes of up to 60 feet long. Just imagine a metro bus with six inch teeth! Juveniles though had much smaller teeth, often only about two inches in length. Megalodon sharks replaced their teeth frequently during their...


Wash Yourself With A Megalodon – Megalodon Tooth Soap

It looks like a fossil shark tooth, but it's really soap. This Megalodon shark tooth soap is cast from a real shark tooth.

In a parallel universe next to ours in a time millions of years before, the oceans were overrun and polluted by infectious germs the size of our present day dolphins. Life was crippled during their rule, until the arrival of their only predator: the Soapodon. This massive creature was nearly identical to our Megalodon, a prehistoric shark known for its massive teeth, but its razor-sharp mouth was forged from a...


Life-Sized Chocolate Megalodon Teeth

chocolate megalodon teeth
Life-sized chocolate Megalodon teeth by

Why bother with a single candy bar when you can enjoy the nearly endless enjoyment from a massive chocolate Megalodon shark tooth? Imagine this fierce predator roaming the open ocean as it did for hundreds of years. It’s bite is nothing to joke about – with teeth as big as 7 inches in length! This incredible shark stalked prey at a size of 60 feet long, dominating the waters it...