Why bother with a single candy bar when you can enjoy the nearly endless enjoyment from a massive chocolate Megalodon shark tooth? Imagine this fierce predator roaming the open ocean as it did for hundreds of years. It’s bite is nothing to joke about – with teeth as big as 7 inches in length! This incredible shark stalked prey at a size of 60 feet long, dominating the waters it swam in. It’s a true favorite for any shark lover. Now, you can have a taste of what his bite really felt like with this tasty, but toothsome megalodon tooth replica!

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You can finally have what feels like all of the candy in the world with this solid chocolate tooth. The fossils choco-paleontologists Fossilera used to craft this impressive but totally edible tooth are 4.8 inches long, creating about 4 ounces of chocolate once filled with decadent, rich chocolate. Who can resist taking a bite out of such a fascinating treat!

These handmade, individually packed Megalodon shark teeth are made by Fossilera’s favorite gourmet chocolate shop. The enclosed Megalodon fact sheet gives you all the data you need to learn if this creature is still lurking deep within the ocean. It’s packaged safely so it doesn’t melt in transit to you. These massive sharks are one of the most fearsome of all predators every to live on Earth, and now you can give at least a fossil-shaped tooth to your favorite child or shark lover. For anyone with a sweet tooth, this is perhaps the very best biggest treat out there.

Choose the megalodon teeth perfect for you:

  • Milk chocolate with white chocolate accents
  • Dark chocolate (54% cocoa) with white chocolate accents
  • White chocolate with milk chocolate accents

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